Sunday, July 4, 2010

Random Inspirations

So, sometimes, I get these random inspirational spurts to write. They used to happen more often - but they haven't in quite some time. I was cleaning out my computer and found a file where I was saving a lot of the short pages I'd randomly written. They're going here:

October 21, 2008

Languid and cool, he leaned against the balcony rail with a slouch of grace. There was calm in his presence and a smooth chill in his breath. Nicholi Yelnak, was a man of many mysteries. His thoughts were golden and his life was privileged. But despite all of those sweet luxuries in which he lived – he yearned for something he could not have. Something he’d let go of many years ago…that would never return.

The smoke from his cigar danced to the melody of the string quartet within. The laughter from the ballroom echoed and the murmurs of his prestigious company escaped into the night air. With a sigh he turned to face the new arrival as the sounds of a party were once again muffled by the terrace door. Forcing a smile as she gracefully reached out for his arm he adverted his eyes to his hands.

“You shouldn’t have joined me,” he said with a sad honesty as he lifted his cigar to his mouth.

The woman ignored this and turned her attention to the lights of Paris. “Remember the last time we stood here?” she asked with a fond glint in her eye.

“Yes,” the man nodded as he joined her at the edge.

She glanced at him a moment with a small saddened smile of her own, “Why are you here? You really shouldn’t have come.”

Nicholi nodded, “I know – but I had to see.”


“All of it,” he sighed sorrowful as he tore his eyes from hers and scanned the yellow bursts of evening glow.

“But, why?” the woman asked with an unyielding whisper as if they were exchanging top military secrets.

“You wouldn’t understand,” he shook his head and glanced to the stars.

“Well explain it to me then.”

“No,” the man replied simply. “You made your choice already, there’s no point persuading you now.”

“Nicholi,” the woman tried to sooth as she placed her hand upon his arm again. This time he didn’t respond kindly. Walking away he put out his cigar and embraced the music and laughter that escaped once more into the evening air.

August 22, 2008

The pearl teardrops rode slowly down her cheek. There was simplicity in the movement and a grace in her ready composure. Despite the sorrow that filled the room and the pain that dwelled deep inside her chest her posture was unyielding. Stiff and kempt as ever, Nadia refused to be broken. She refused to allow her departing companion the pleasure of knowing how much she ached.

As onlookers observed with hand muffled whispers and Cheshire grins, the woman’s fists flinched along with her jaw and she inhaled a breath. There was more to life than a love that had gone stale. There were more important things than unwanted affection and one sided relations. There were still things that needed to be done, still people to direct to their seats and still a show that needed to go on.

It was a shame that a woman of such esteemed social relations and of such grand romantic stage presence couldn’t for the life of her convince anyone that she was happy. In her experience men were complicated creatures who failed to truly understand any aspect of who or what she was. They didn’t understand her draining love affair with the public, and her painful yearning to be loved by them. They never understood that her obsession with everlasting life had nothing and everything to do with her relationship with these men.

It was a shame that such an actress of Nadia Estenell’s grandeur had fallen into the habit of settling for mild enjoyment when she honestly believed that one day she could be truly happy.

August 21, 2008

There were eloquent mumbles coming from balconies as he walked along the carpeted path. His breath caught in his chest like an eager flock of caged pigeons yearning to be set free. He was certain this was what he’d been waiting all his life for. The moment in which everything would change and the darkness would be given light. His world would be reconstructed in a single second. Whether he were going to like the outcome he wasn’t exactly sure – but he’d recognized that this would be his moment.

With his grip tightened on his shield he readied for the first blow. The blade of his rival bashed angrily against the talon raised sphinx. The power of the hit migrated through every inch of his right arm. His bones trembled involuntarily. The challenger’s might and anger was certainly felt and the yearning to survive began to pulse. With a ready yell and a near desperate clutch a force he had not foreseen overcame him. Like a man trying to plow a desperately dry field with out a mule his legs powered behind his raised armor.

Pinning his opponent to a stone pillar his blade was finally relinquished from its sheath. Thrust quickly into the other man’s ribs, and eagerly removed. The scream of agony lured a sudden need to thrust again. Repetition was his only method until the body gurgled under his shield.

The floor was draped in a pool of crimson and the articulate mumbles … slowly turned to cheers.