Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crazy Dog Person

So, I've come to the conclusion that I might be a crazy dog person. Madmartigan, my almost 2-years-old German Shepherd Mix has been suffering these last two unfortunate weeks in silent agony. With the roommate that helps take care of him out of state and the other one....being himself.... Madmartigan has been locked in his cage for 5-7 hours a day.

Now, PETA, I'm more than aware of the unjust nature of this. And I'm terribly undoubtably guilty of it. I felt awful everytime it had to be done - so much so I've asked friends to "check in on him" when my hours were stupid long.

However, these last three days we (also known as I) have been trying to give Madmartigan the opportunity to not be locked in the cage. For routine sake I put him in the cage with his peanut butter toy before I leave and leave the cage door open. He stays I leave....and hope to god he doesn't eat something he shouldn't or kill my roommates cat. The last three days the hours have extended in length. Today (August 7-8) I worked a 7 hours shift and my dear little shit-head of a dog survived it just did the house.

This made incredibly happy. And when I say so incredibly happy I don't think you understand the severity of the joy. I got all warm inside and felt like I'd assume a parent would when watching their snotty kid get off the school bus from their first day of school. It was kind of ridiculous how awesomely proud I was of him. Proud of my dog. Yup.

Whats worse is I recognized how silly this feeling was and decided I needed to blog about it. And post it on my facebook. And tell my mom.... and my roommate....

It's still kind of an awesome feeling though. For the record.

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