Sunday, November 8, 2009

001. A new portal of thoughts

I've decided to get back into blogging. Alright, so maybe it was because I had to do some blogger stuff for work. Or maybe I just miss talking about myself on an open forum that next to no-one will read. OR MAYBE.... just maybe... I genuinely might have something good to say sometime....maybe.

Meh, who knows how long this'll last. But believe it or not I used to blog a good deal in my younger years. Granted a lot of those sites have lost their admins and closed, but...I can start over! Start fresh! Start new!

The most I'll likely talk about is my incredibly monotonous life of same old-same old sarcastic bitchery. Maybe I'll post the occasional fun short story or random ideas/epiphanies/etc. But, as a rule, I'll likely only be talking about myself and using clever alternatives for those I choose to send pointless passive aggressive blogged speeches to people. But, for the most part...I'm not a big fan of internet gossip or the petty drama that can spring from it. Or maybe I am.

Either way - I think it'll be fun!


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